The BEST Chaffle Recipe! – Keto Waffle Bread

The BEST Chaffle Recipe! This Keto Chaffle is tasty without being too eggy or cheesy, firm enough to hold all of your toppings and crispy, not soggy. The perfect keto bread substitute!

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The BEST Chaffle Recipe! – Keto Waffle Bread

There are a ton of chaffle recipes flooding the interwebs right now. I’ve put off trying them until this week because 1) I don’t like keto bread substitutes in general, and 2) my mini waffle maker has been packed away in our camper from our last trip.

I finally tried a few of the recipes out there and wasn’t really impressed by them, although I do like the idea of a quick sandwich bread substitute that only needs a few ingredients and a couple minutes to make. Some were super eggy and flimsy and some were way too cheesy. (How is too cheesy even a thing? I don’t know, but somehow they were.)

I wanted a good chaffle recipe that was firm enough to hold all of my sammie fixins without falling apart or getting soggy and not so cheesy that the flavor overpowers the toppings.

The BEST Chaffle Recipe! – Keto Waffle Bread

That’s why I played around with ingredients all day until I came up with THE BEST CHAFFLE RECIPE. It’s

  • Tasty ✔️ – Garlic powder, sea salt and freshly ground black pepper add a little savory depth, while the confectioner’s erythritol takes the edge off the cheese. 
  • Firm ✔️ – Blanched almond flour adds structure to the chaffle, keeping it from falling apart beneath mounds of shaved corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing. (Oh, yes, I did make a Reuben Chaffle, and it was DELISH.) 
  • Crispy ✔️- Plenty of mozzarella cheese ensures this chaffle isn’t getting soggy under the marinara sauce when you whip up an impromptu Pizza Chaffle.

This chaffle recipe isn’t meant to be used as a waffle substitute. It’s savory and doesn’t have that super fluffy texture you’d want in a sweet breakfast waffle. It’s for all those yummy sandwiches you’ve been missing like BLT Chaffles, Reuben Chaffles, Big Mac Chaffles and Chicken Salad Chaffles. It’s also perfect for Pizza Chaffles, BBQ Chicken Chaffles and Tostada Chaffles.


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