Easy Marinated Steak and Avocado Tacos {gluten free + paleo}

These easy marinated steak and avocado tacos are made with flavorful marinated flank easy steak, smashed avocado, pickled red onions, sliced jalepeño, cilantro, and thinly sliced radishes. So delicious, healthy, and perfect for taco Tuesday or any night of the week!

Easy Marinated Steak and Avocado Tacos {gluten free + paleo}

Easy to make and crazy delicious tacos are one of life’s greatest pleasures. Count me in on any dinner that is healthy and also does not require a fork and a knife. Handheld dinners FTW!

Especially as we approach the warmer months we’re getting more and more into tacos for dinner, and this one has been one of our absolute faaavorites recently.

In my last post for these delicious Healthy Mexican Roasted Cauliflower Tacos I mentioned that we’re starting a little family tradition of having taco Tuesday every week without repeating one single taco recipe for the whole year! I’m getting very excited about this idea. I’ll be sure to share the really yummy one’s with you here on Nyssa’s Kitchen!

Easy Marinated Steak and Avocado Tacos {gluten free + paleo}

How to make these easy marinated steak and avocado tacos

To make these tacos you just need a few simple ingredients and a couple of hours to marinate your steak before you start cooking.

The steak marinade is SO flavorful and delicious, but also made with the simplest of ingredients! It’s just the perfect combo of salty, sour, and sweet for a bold yet balanced flavor.

The marinade ingredients are:

  • grated garlic
  • fresh lime juice
  • red wine vinegar
  • a little honey
  • chili powder
  • salt and pepper
  • avocado oil

The perfect amount of time to marinade the steak is between 1 and 4 hours. Any more than that and it’s possible that your cut of steak will start to “cook” from the acid in the marinade and the texture will change noticeably.

While the steak is marinating you can quickly prep the other ingredients for the tacos

  • pickle the red onions
  • slice the radishes – use your mandoline for super thin radishes! Just be careful not to slice your finger. If you slice them ahead of time they will stay nice and crisp stored in water in the refrigerator
  • chop a little cilantro
  • slice some jalepeños
  • cut a lime
  • cut and smash some avocado

When the steak is done marinating and your ready to eat, cook the steak in a skillet on the stove top for about 4 minutes per side. The exact amount of time will depend on how well done you like your steak, and the thickness of the cut that you’re cooking.

Don’t make the mistake that I did when I made these the first time and cook them over too high of heat. Even though it’s only a small amount, because there is honey in the marinade it will caramelize quickly and the steak could burn before it’s done cooking. Medium heat is the sweet spot to get some crispy caramelized bits that don’t get overly charred.

After the steak is done cooking let it rest for at least 5 minutes before slicing it so some of the juices can settle back into the meat.

Just before serving warm your tortillas in a small skillet or over your gas burner, and layer smashed avocado, sliced steak, radishes, cilantro, and pickled red onions.

what kind of steak is the best for steak tacos?

I have made these tacos with both flank steak and skirt steak. Both have been excellent. Those cuts of meat cook quickly and are easily sliced thin to serve with the tacos.

If order to make sure your steak is tender I recommend cooking it to medium, and then slicing it as thin as you can against the grain. If you don’t cut the steak against the grain it will probably be a lot more chewy.

Cutting steak against the grain is actually really easy to do. Basically you want to find which way the muscle fibers go, and then cut perpendicular to them, instead of parallel. This video is an excellent tutorial if you want a little more info on the science behind it and a “how to” – How to Slice Steak and Make Cheap Beef Cuts (like Flank Steak) Tender with Only Your Knife.

Easy Marinated Steak and Avocado Tacos {gluten free + paleo}

What makes these easy marinated steak and avocado tacos healthy?

The marinade for the steak is made with simple and healthy ingredients that are gluten free and paleo friendly – so there’s no hidden inflammatory oils or sugars.

All of the toppings are healthy and vibrant, and there’s so many healthy options available for tortillas these days. My personal favorite are the grain free tortillas from Siete Foods. The cassava flour tortillas and the cashew flour tortillas both have a great texture for tacos – they hold up nicely and don’t break when you bend them. The almond flour tortillas are also delicious but I find they are best for quesadillas as the texture gets a little more crispy when they’re warmed.

Or if you want a super low carb option you could make lettuce cup tacos with butter lettuce leaves!

serving suggestions

These easy marinated steak tacos would be great with any Mexican themed meal! Taco Tuesday I’m looking at you 😉

To make them a complete meal you could serve them with:

  • rice or cauliflower rice
  • black beans or pinto beans
  • a big green salad with this yummy roasted red pepper dressing
  • chips and salsa – I’m also a big fan of Siete foods grain free tortilla chips! They 100% satisfy my cravings for tortilla chips without any grains at all
  • Easy Marinated Steak and Avocado Tacos {gluten free + paleo}
  • Easy Marinated Steak and Avocado Tacos {gluten free + paleo}
  • Easy Marinated Steak and Avocado Tacos {gluten free + paleo}

Dietary modifications

These tacos are already gluten free and dairy free, but if you want to make them paleo or whole30 friendly here’s some suggestions:

To make them:

  • Paleo – use a grain free tortilla like Siete Foods tortillas, or a lettuce cup instead of a tortilla
  • Whole30 – omit the honey from the marinade and serve them in a lettuce cup or over a bed of salad greens

A few notes on this recipe

I give instructions below for cooking the steak in a skillet on the stove top, but you could also easily grill the steak instead.

Flank steak and skirt steak are the two recommended cuts of meat I prefer for this recipe. They’re less expensive than other cuts and can be made tender by cutting the meat thinly and against the grain.

To meal prep some of this recipe you can make the pickled red onions in advance and store them in the refrigerator. You could also prep the other toppings and store them in a covered container in the refrigerator. The marinade can be made in advance and stored separately from the steak until you’re ready to marinate.


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