Cilantro Lime Sweet Potato Noodles

Learn how to make cilantro lime sweet potato noodles with a spiralizer in under 15 minutes!  These sweet potato spiral noodles are an easy, healthy, gluten-free, vegan, Paleo, and whole30 side dish that is a breeze to whip up!

Cilantro Lime Sweet Potato Noodles

The Joy of Spiral Noodles

Spiralizer, oh, spiralizer… where have you been ALL of my life??

Just a few months ago I discovered how to make and how to cook sweet potato noodles, zucchini noodles, and just about any other kind of veggie noodle.

My.  Mind.  Was.  Blown!

It is SO easy!  And instead of having a plateful of heavy, gluten-laden, not-good-for-you pasta noodles, you have a full serving or two of nutritious spiralized vegetable noodles.

Cilantro Lime Sweet Potato Noodles

To be honest, my mother-in-love and I were experimenting with my new Christmas present when these Cilantro Lime Sweet Potato Noodles were created.

*That’s the BEST way to come up with a recipe… by using what you have on hand in the kitchen!*

I was shocked to see how easy it was to cut a hard vegetable, like sweet potatoes, into perfect spaghetti-style noodles.

Cilantro Lime Sweet Potato Noodles

What Type of Spiralizer is Best to Make Sweet Potato Noodles?

There are numerous types of spiralizers, but a tabletop spiralizer with a suction-grip is my recommendation… especially when it comes to making sweet potato noodles!

The handheld spiralizers are smaller, so storage is easier, but are also very difficult to use.  It is almost impossible to spiralize hard vegetables, like carrots or sweet potatoes.

However, the tabletop spiralizers with suction-grips lock onto the countertop to make sure the spiralizer does not slide around and allows you to get perfectly spiralized sweet potato noodles in minutes!

Cilantro Lime Sweet Potato Noodles

How to Cook Sweet Potato Noodles

So you have your perfectly cut veggie noodles… and now how do you cook these sweet potato noodles?

There are numerous ways you can cook this gluten-free, whole30, and Paleo sweet potato noodles recipe, but my favorite way is in a skillet.

Cooking sweet potato noodles in a skillet is amazing for a few reasons:

  • You can cook them for as little or as long as you like to get your desired tenderness out of the noodle.
  • It literally takes less than 5 minutes!
  • Add whatever seasonings you have on hand to make your sweet potato noodles recipe your own!

Cilantro Lime Sweet Potato Noodles

How Can You Evolve this Cilantro Lime Sweet Potato Noodles Recipe?

The recipe you will find below for these Cilantro Lime Sweet Potato Noodles is just a base for you to experiment with.  As is, this is a gluten-free, whole30, vegan, vegetarian, and a Paleo spiral noodles recipe with plenty of room for adaptation!

  • Swap out the sweet potato noodles for carrots or another firm vegetable.
  • Feel free to use lemon juice instead of lime, or parsley instead of cilantro.
  • Add a few more toppings to give it a fun crunch like crushed peanuts or almonds.

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