Buffalo Chicken Salad

Buffalo chicken salad is a spicy twist on the traditional chicken salad! It’s creamy with a hit of buffalo flavor! I like to drizzle mine with ranch!
Buffalo Chicken Salad
The other day I went to the grocery store, which is basically like every other day of my life. I mean, I’m now friends with the guy who stands in the doorway and greets shoppers because I am not exaggerating when I say “every other day of my life.” It’s a problem.

Anyway, I was at my home away from home to grab a few essentials for my children. You see, I’d been doing some weird fast thing for a few days and my kiddos were getting really tired of me telling them to make themselves a can of soup or a PB&J for dinner.

So, I did this thing that I pretty much never do.

I filled my cart with…dinners? Meals? I don’t know what you call what was in my cart, but it wasn’t ingredients.

I normally fill my cart with ingredients – fresh produce, meat, and yeah, totally a few packaged items. I mean, I’m not grinding my own wheat over here. I usually don’t even bother making mac ‘n cheese from scratch unless it’s a special occasion or it’s my pressure cooker mac and cheese. You guys, I have made mashed potatoes from a boxed mix. I’m not saying I don’t buy convenience foods. I’m just saying that I don’t fill my cart with them. I don’t buy them always. Ya know?

But this time? This time my cart was full of frozen dinners and pizzas and canned things that have no business being canned – like spaghetti.

I expected my kids to be excited, because apparently even though I’ve been doing this mom thing for 17 years now, I’m still pretty new at it.

They were horrified.

Buffalo Chicken Salad

What kind of mother buys their kids a bunch of processed crap in an effort to stay away from food while she’s fasting? Me. A bad mother. A very bad mother, indeed.

Anyway, my kids are still alive, don’t you worry.

I’m done fasting. That was rough, even without my judgmental children.

So. That has nothing to do with this recipe, I just wanted to share my shame with you. I thought you’d enjoy it. I can’t wait for all of the anonymous internet people to agree with my kids about my poor parenting. That part is going to be super fun. 😉

This Buffalo Chicken Salad is pretty phenomenal, you guys. I mean, all that spicy buffalo flavor is practically begging to be spread between some white bread or popped inside a lettuce wrap.

Buffalo Chicken Salad

I used mayonnaise in this recipe, but you can definitely swap in some Greek yogurt for some or all of it, depending on your tastes. At 1/4 cup of hot sauce, this recipe comes in with a small bit of kick, so feel free to add extra hot sauce as needed.

You could also add in some ground cayenne and up the spice that way. Frank’s Hot Sauce is my favorite, but it does get a bit salty if you use a lot of it.

I drizzled the sandwiches with ranch dressing, because guys. Have you heard the news? Blue cheese is old and moldy. Whew. Feels good to get that off my chest.

So, ranch for me. Blue cheese for the rest of you weirdos. 😉

Dig in and let me know what you think! Also, if you’re low carb, this is perfect on a fork or in a lettuce wrap. I ate half a bowl of it for lunch the other day. No shame in my game.

Buffalo Chicken Salad

More buffalo chicken? Sure thing.

Buffalo Chicken Salad

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