Baby’s Vegetable Quinoa

This simple dish celebrates the wonderful colours of wholesome, natural foods. It combines healthy veggies with quinoa – one of our youngest son’s all-time favourite foods!

Baby’s Vegetable Quinoa

Quinoa is amazing – it’s easy to cook, easy to eat and is packed with nutrients – protein in particular.

In fact, quinoa contains all nine of the ‘essential’ amino acids that your baby’s body needs to obtain through food.

They’re called ‘essential’ because they MUST be obtained from the diet and (unlike some other amino acids) can’t be made by the body.

Few plant-based foods contain all nine amino acids, so this means that quinoa is a great source of protein for babies following a vegetarian diet.

This dish is ideal for babies who are already enjoying texture.

It can be served just as it is, or as a side dish. A good time-saving tip is to take out your baby’s portion, add some extra seasonings and serve this along with the main family meal!

Baby’s Vegetable Quinoa

To Make Baby’s Vegetable Quinoa You Will Need…

1/4 cup quinoa
1/2 cup water*
1 tablespoon each of finely chopped carrots and red onion
1 tablespoon canned sweetcorn
2 tablespoons of baby’s favourite chopped, fresh herbs (we used cilantro)

*You can add more flavour to this recipe by cooking the quinoa in apple juice, or homemade chicken or vegetable stock, instead of plain water.

Pour the water into a small saucepan and bring to the boil.

Add the quinoa and all the vegetables, stir well, then immediately lower the heat and cover.

Simmer gently for 10 to 15 minutes, until the quinoa has soaked up all of the water.

Allow to sit, covered, for 5 minutes, then stir in the herbs.

Cool to a safe temperature and serve.

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